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    On the racks in baby stores and on countless online shopping portals, as far as the eye can see, there are so many choices, most of them springing from a surprisingly narrow set of beliefs. One, that babies are creatures of limited expression; two, that parenthood and great taste are mutually exclusive. 

    Whilst I knew first hand how profoundly having a child could change you, it had never occurred to me that becoming a parent meant you had to stop being cool.

    It’s all pink elephants and blue racing cars out there.

    Cue Little Puku.

    our philosophy

    We believe little babes are individuals, parenthood is the coolest thing and the products and messages we surround them with should reflect that.


    but it's also gotta be the best

    We partner with suppliers that produce only the purest food grade silicone because we understand that what our little ones are eating, breathing and touching on a regular basis greatly impacts their little bodies in ways we can't always see.


    and don't hold back now

    Our reputation has been built on our exceptional customer service. We're super friendly and happy to help in whatever way we can. Go on – try us. Whether you have an idea or want to say nice things (we love nice things), drop us a message!