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    I’m a mum of three boys under six and have lived the messy-meal-life. Like most of families (and cafés) we own an Antilop highchair from IKEA, but it’s so dull.

    It's also so hard to clean - any meal with a hint of tomato stains and getting that tray off is almost impossible!

    Every time I'm presented with one at a cafe I'm instantly wondering if I can give it a quick pressure spray out the back before I pop one of my munchkins in there.

    Working while my third baby slept, I create my first Little Puku collection, including the product I'd dreamed of creating since feeding my eldest son his first meal in his IKEA highchair - the Covered Placemat. The one that literally covers almost every inch of the tray and makes clean-up unbelievably easy.

    Illustrated, screen-printed, silicone, deliciousness - Little Puku is like art for your highchair. It's all about truly unique products that inspire young imaginations that mums love as much as their babies do.

    Thank you for stopping by.