How should I clean my placemat?

FDA grade silicone is highly resistant to staining. However, some things should be wiped off fairly soon. These include tomato sauce, red pigmented foods and drinks and pen ink, etc.

To wash, just rinse in soapy water or pop in the dishwasher (top rack). Washing in the dishwasher will generally remove any stubborn stains.

We recommend washing before use. You can also pop your mat back on the highchair tray while it's still a little wet - this trick gives it a little extra 'stick'.


Can I wash my placemat in the dishwasher?

Yes! Our products are highly resistant to heat (250 Celsius). Wash in the top rack of the dishwasher. 


Are your placemats compatible with suction plates/bowls?

Yes! Quality suction bowls and plates are compatible with our placemats. They suction through the mat onto the tray. You can see them in action in the below video and on Instagram @little.puku (go to the 'suction bowls' highlight).


Do your IKEA placemats fit the Kmart Prandium highchair or the Target Snacka highchair?

Unfortunately our IKEA placemats just contour to fit the IKEA Antilop highchair tray. Whilst the tray design of the Kmart Prandium and Target Snacka highchairs is very similar to the IKEA Antilop tray, there are some subtle differences which mean our products do not achieve the same snug fit.


Do you custom print placemats?

Unfortunately we are unable to do custom orders at this time. We print our placemats in large batches to ensure you can receive your item as quickly and affordably as possible. 





I think my order is lost or stolen, what do I do?

If you think your package is lost or stolen please contact us ASAP. We can help review your tracking, lodge a missing parcel investigation and/or help put you in touch with your ground delivery carrier (for international deliveries). We always do everything we can to help locate your parcel. 


Can I stack two discount codes at the same time when making a purchase? 

No. Our site does not allow for two codes to be used together at the same time for a purchase. We recommend that you choose the code that saves you the most money.


How quickly are orders processed?

All in-stock orders ship within 24 hours on normal business days. If your items are pre-order items it will be stated in your cart. Because orders are processed so quickly we are unable to edit, add to, or change orders once they are placed. Please double-check your shipping address and cart contents before checking out.


How long does normal shipping take before it will arrive? 

On average, all domestic orders arrive in 2-5 business days. Delivery to remote and regional parts of Australia may take up to 10 business days. 


How long does international shipping take before it will arrive? 

International shipping will take anywhere from 6 days to 8 weeks to arrive, depending on the destination.

USA - 6-10 business days (during COVID)

UK - 6-10 business days (during COVID)

For all other international delivery timeframes please click HERE.


What happens if I put in the wrong shipping address?

Contact us immediately if something is amiss with your order. Since orders are processed so quickly, we have a very narrow window to edit or change orders once they are placed. Please double-check your shipping address and cart contents before checking out.


Where can I find my tracking information?

You can find your tracking information in the shipping confirmation email sent after your order has been processed.