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Extra Set Of O-Rings

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"These O-rings work great with our highchair footrest. Haven’t budged since I put them on!"

Set of six O-rings compatible with our highchair footrests.

Note: All new footrests come with a set of O-rings. You only need to buy these if you want an additional set.

  • Before installation, ensure highchair legs and O-rings have been cleaned with soap and water, even if your highchair is brand new.

  • Clean your legs and O-rings, at least monthly, to keep your footrest in position.

  • Ensure O-rings are wedged into the bottom notch at all times for a proper fit. O-rings can also be placed above your footrest for additional stability. 

  • Your child’s hips, knees and ankles should always be at a 90-degree angle while using your footrest.

O-rings are a choking hazard and should be kept out of reach of children when not in use.

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Baby Strength Approved

  • "Footrest holds up to my babies strong little feet!"


  • "Items and instructions were great quality, and easy to install."


  • "Footrest was easy to install with the O-rings. Works perfectly. Wish we'd purchased sooner!"


O-Rings & Footrest Installation

Full Install Guide

Follow our easy guide to perfectly install your footrest and correctly position your O-rings.


O-Rings FAQs

O-rings are small, flexible rubber rings that secure your footrest in a stable position on your highchair.

Follow our easy guide to perfectly install your footrest and correctly position your O-rings HERE.

Typically, you'll need two O-rings for your highchair footrest - one underneath each side to secure it in position.

For older or stronger babies who might apply more pressure, adding a second O-ring underneath each side of the footrest can offer extra stability.

Additionally, you can place one O-ring on top of each side of the footrest if your baby tends to lift the footrest with their feet (from underneath).

For more information, see our easy guide to perfectly install your footrest and correctly position your O-rings HERE.

To keep your footrest secure and prevent slipping, we recommend cleaning your O-rings once per month with soapy water.

Yes! Our O-rings are compatible to use with our footrests on the following highchairs: IKEA ‘Antilop’, Target ‘Snacka’, Kmart ‘Prandium’, Big W ‘Uno’ and Mother’s Choice ‘Breeze’.  

If your highchair is not on this list, just reach out to us HERE to check.


Customer Reviews

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Exactly as described and fit perfect on the ikea chair