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What makes 'Vegan Leather' so special? - Little Puku

What makes 'Vegan Leather' so special?

The #3 reasons that will make you question why you ever bought anything other than a wipeable Vegan Leather highchair cushion.

Vegan leather is becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather and other fabrics. But did you know that there are some surprising facts about vegan leather that you may not have known before? 

Let's delve into the world of vegan leather and why it makes the perfect choice for your highchair cushion.

What is Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is made from a blend of nylon or polyester and cotton. To give it a luxurious feel and texture, it’s coated with a thin layer of non-toxic polyurethane (PU). This unique combination not only creates a buttery soft texture that's similar to genuine leather but also makes the fabric water impermeable and stain-resistant. Win-win!

Why is it called Vegan Leather

The term "vegan leather" is commonly used because the fabric contains zero animal products or by-products. Some so-called "vegan leather" fabrics may contain small percentages of genuine leather particles, but ours is 100% animal-free.

Is it safe for children

Yes! Our vegan leather is custom-made, giving us complete control over the manufacturing process and ensuring it meets strict international safety standards for children's products (EN-71). We independently test to ensure our fabric is free from lead, arsenic, chromium and a long list of other harmful heavy metals and toxic substances.  

Why is it perfect for highchair cushions 

Vegan leather is the perfect highchair cushion choice because it's

    • Water and stain resistant - just a wipe, and you're ready to go again.
    • Durable - unlike genuine leather, it's less likely to crack, fade, or warp over time. Perfect for the tough life of a highchair cushion! 
    • With its buttery soft texture, vegan leather provides the perfect cozy feeling for little bodies. 

Our wipeable highchair cushion covers made from vegan leather are the perfect solution for to blend style and practicality. They're soft, cozy, stylish, and vegemite-fingers resistant! Give them a try and see for yourself how amazing they are!