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Unexpected Clues Your Highchair Needs A Footrest - Little Puku

Unexpected Clues Your Highchair Needs A Footrest

Learn to spot the top #5 subtle signs your baby's highchair needs a footrest.

Hey, have you ever noticed how mealtime can be like a circus with babies? Well, sometimes, amidst all that chaos, it's easy to miss the little signs that your baby needs something extra on their highchair.

Like, did you know that if your baby's highchair doesn't have a footrest, they might start crossing their legs? It's their cute little way of trying to find some stability.

And you might see them gripping onto the tray or the armrests super tight. That's actually their way of trying to keep balanced without having a place to rest their feet. Interesting, right?

So, what are some other tell-tale signs that your baby needs a footrest


Look out for these signs that you need a highchair footrest


IKEA Highchair Accessories

1. Restless Legs

Babies without a highchair footrest tend to kick their legs, fidget, and wobble constantly in an effort to find balance and keep their core upright. This extra effort can be especially tiring for little ones who haven't yet mastered sitting independently.

2. Disinterest in Food

If your baby seems uninterested in eating, shows signs of hunger but doesn't finish meals, or becomes fussy during meals, the lack of foot support may be the culprit.

3. Mealtime Resistance

Babies might resist getting into the highchair or try to escape from it, making mealtime a challenging experience for both them and you.

IKEA Highchair Bamboo Footrest 

So Just What are the benefits of a footrest


You might not think much about adding that little bar at the bottom of your IKEA highchair, but let me tell you, it's a game-changer!

When little feet have a solid place to chill, little hands can focus on eating. They can concentrate on learning all the new moves, like grabbing that spoon, squishing soft food and drinking from that sippy cup.

The extra support also helps them to feel more comfy - and more willing to stay in their highchair longer.

Give your baby's mealtime a stability boost with a footrest, and see the difference it makes in their eating habits—take a peek at our highchair footrests or our footrest bundles for happier and easier mealtimes.