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Ready to start solids?  Download our Free 'First 100 Foods Tracker' - Little Puku

Ready to start solids? Download our Free 'First 100 Foods Tracker'

Start tracking your babies First 100 Foods with our FREE, instant PDF download!

So it’s time to dive into the world of solid foods with your little mini. How exciting is that? We know it can be a bit overwhelming too, but don't worry, we've got your back!

Introducing our FREE First 100 Foods Tracker – it’s an instant download designed to make your transition to solids as smooth as possible. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to organised food exploration!

With our tracker, you can easily keep a record of the foods you introduce to your baby, as well as their attempts.

Why is this important?

Exposing your baby to a variety of foods early on can increase their acceptance and reduce picky eating. Plus, it helps reduce the risk of developing food allergies and ensures they get a well-rounded diet with all the essential nutrients. 

Remember, patience is key!

It might take your little one around 10 or more tries to accept new foods, especially as they grow older. So don't be discouraged if they make funny faces at first. They're simply getting used to new flavours and textures. 

Our tracker is particaulr helpful if you're following a baby-led weaning approach. 

It's your ultimate companion. And guess what? We believe that every attempt counts! Even if your baby spits out or takes just a few bites, mark it down. Every experience helps them explore new tastes and may turn out to be their new favourite!

Before diving into this exciting journey, don't forget to stock up on all the necessary highchair accessories! highchair footrests, placemats, and highchair cushions aren't just add-ons; they're essentials that will set the stage for a positive mealtime experience as you and your mini start exploring the world of solids.

So why wait? Download our free First 100 Foods tracker today by clicking the link below. Laminate it and stick it on your fridge for easy access. Share it with your nanny, babysitter, or day-care, so they can keep track too.