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DIYing vs Buying: 6 Things to Consider Before Making Your Own Footrest - Little Puku

DIYing vs Buying: 6 Things to Consider Before Making Your Own Footrest

DIYing your own footrest vs. buying premade - 6 things you may not have considered before.

DIY projects are gaining serious traction on Pinterest, and making your own highchair footrest can be a great alternative - but here are 6 things to consider first: 

1. Cost.

    The cost of materials may outweigh the cost of buying a premade footrest, especially if you need to purchase tools as well. 

    2. Time.

     The time it takes to make the footrest may not be worth the effort, especially if you're a busy parent. 

    3. You will need to source your own O-rings or support clips. 

      These are essential for keeping the footrest in place and providing stability for your little one's feet.

      4. The weight of the timber you use can impact the safety of your highchair. 

      Using a thick or heavy piece of timber can weigh down your highchair, making it easier for your little one to topple over if they try to pull themselves up to a standing position from the floor using their highchair.

      5. The design. 

      Premade footrests, like ours, are specially designed to minimise slipping, bear more weight, and keep your footrest in the proper position.

      5. The finish. 
      Achieving a completely smooth sanded finish can be hard to achieve (so there are no sharp edges that may hurt little feet).

        While making your own highchair footrest may seem like a good idea, a premade footrest, like ours, may be a more cost-effective and safer option for your little one.

        If you want to skip the DIY, click here and grab our ready-made footrest instead.