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Top #5 Hacks for Your IKEA Antilop Highchair - Little Puku

Top #5 Hacks for Your IKEA Antilop Highchair

Transform your IKEA Antilop highchair into a masterpiece of comfort, style and practicality with these Top 5 creative hacks!

Get ready to take your IKEA highchair to the next level with these Top #5 creative hacks!

The IKEA Antilop highchair is a staple in homes everywhere, but why settle for just the basics?

With these fun and easy tweaks, you can turn your highchair into a masterpiece of comfort and style. 

1. Level up with a footrest

Say goodbye to fidgety a baby and hello to a happy and comfortable little eater who's ready to stay in their highchair for as long as it takes.

Not only does a footrest encourage proper posture, it also provides a sense of security for little bodies.

Whether you go for a simple band, create your own wooden wonder with an Etsy pattern, or opt for the ultra-smooth handmade version (like ours), a footrest is the ultimate mealtime accessory!

2. Store bibs on the back

No more searching for a bib before mealtime! Simply attach a hook or pouch to the back of the highchair to keep bibs within reach.

IKEA Highchair Bib Hack

3. Get rid of tomato-based stains with the sun

If your little one gets messy with tomato based meals, don't worry! Just leave the highchair out in the sun for a few hours and the stains should disappear.

4. Timber-look legs

You'll love the instant visual impact of a timber-look adhesive vinyl upgrade.

It's a simple solution that will have your highchair blending seamlessly with your décor.

No need to be a DIY master either, with our perfectly pre-cut strips - complete with a spare just in case you need a second chance. 

IKEA Antilop Leg Wrap Hack

5. Older baby cushion hack

For those little ones who are starting to outgrow their cushion, we have a solution!

Simply let some air out of the two side panels of the IKEA inflatable cushion insert, fold the sides across the middle, and pop it back into the cushion cover. 

And that's a wrap!

These Top 5 IKEA highchair hacks are sure to add comfort, style, and ease to mealtimes.

Your IKEA Antilop highchair will no longer be just a basic baby item, but rather a masterpiece of practicality and aesthetics!